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We hire our staff from following sources
  1. Directorate general Resettlement
  2. Sainik Kalyan Board in various states.
  3. Regimental Centers.
  4. Advertisement through Newspapers.
  5. Personal affiliations.
  6. Various training centers.

The Company envisages to provide Total Security Solutions to Corporate set ups. No Error is our motto. Regular training and everyday briefings are ourway of doing things. We endeavour to provide best suited guards for specific requirements and integrate the man-power security through our reliable sources and security personnels

Mandated Training Courses


Training for security guards is mandatory under the (P.S.A.R.Act.- 2005) Private Security Agency Regulation Act. of 2005. It requires all security guards to complete three training courses. All courses must be conducted at approved training schools, by certified instructors. We are opening Our modern Training Academy shortly At Jaipur


Discharge Book.
Bio –Data.



Commercial,Industrial and Corporate Security & Manpower Solutions:-

We Provide Trained and skilled security personnel followed by unskilled / skilled manpower. security force to be trained at our state of art, need based in- house training centers. we always follow PASARA guidelines and work accordingly.

Few Specific Characteristics Of CRUZER SECURITY Are as Follow:-
  1. Premises To be guarded by trained male & female security guards of ex-servicemen, retired from military/para military forces
  2. Security force to be monitored by trained field officers and addressed grievances of customer with full satisfaction
  3. Maintained all statutory records and periodic compliances under applicable Acts.
  4. verification of security personnel as per customer demand.
  5. mobile/web based real time tracking & monitoring software for surveillance of employees.


Follow-up Security Officer Training

CRUZER training is supervised by field staff to ensure that information is kept current and pertinent. Our managers always work with these candidates in the field. The kind of training they receive is critical for the team. Our security officers receive continuous follow-up training throughout their career. They stay updated with standards and practices that are constantly changing. It takes a systematic program of follow up to make sure that our security officers are up to date on critical security issues and policies.



Firm & Polite is Our Theme

After hiring the best applicants, it only makes sense to complete the process by turning them into the very best security officers. The owners of CRUZER SECURITY PVT. LTD. have initiated and been instrumental in setting up extensive training programs. Every office abides by the state laws and provides the required training. However, we go beyond the state training programs and make the extra efforts to ensure that our officers are thoroughly trained in report writing, communications, legal limitations, controversial situations, client expectations, appearance, conduct, company rules and on-site procedures. It is expensive and time consuming to train officers but we don't have any other way. As local owners, we are concerned about our reputation on each and every job. Training is a major factor required to give our clients unmatched service. Classroom training is only as good as the instructors teaching. We have some of the most experienced instructors in the business. Our student to instructor ratio means every candidate gets the attention they need to fully comprehend and retain covered material.


Following Facilities are provided to our staff: -
  1. Delivery of their mail at the place of duty.
  2. Medical box.
  3. Periodical medical checkup, if required.
  4. Personal welfare.
  5. Payment of every month.
To ensure effective supervision we adopt following procedure:-
  1. Visit by field officers at staggered schedule.
  2. Periodical visit by one of the members of management.
  3. Discussions with the concerned Authority of the organization.
  4. Maintain a close liaison with local police to ensure timely help, if needed.


We submit our bills to the principal employers on first of each month so that they can arrange to make the payment of our staff as per our schedule. However, we make the payment to our staff on seventh to tenth of the month without fail. The payments are invariably made in cash. We accept the payment by Cheque. However the schedule of payment can be modified, as per policy of Principal Employer should they desire to make payments weekly/ fortnightly.