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Security Guard Service You Can Trust

Nothing will be more important to your security and our reputation than the individuals that serve us both. Developing individual officers and supervisory


CRUZER SECURITY PVT LTD emphasizes recruitment, screening, training, education and support that foster a loyal, cohesive team of security professionals. They have been carefully selected and matched to provide you with a unified team that works to meet your security needs. We recognize and celebrate the spirit of service that these professionals bring to their jobs and your posts. We work to foster and support our teams, rewarding stability, dedication and creative input. ·Developing loyal, security officers with a good work ethic is a slow methodical process. We can't just hire applicants, put them on your site and expect them to know what to do. The field supervisors, district manager and ownership train the officers to give you the best possible service. ·Our supervisors will not tolerate poor performance. Their function is to improve or remove security officers. If an officer cannot adapt to changing functions on your site, they are terminated. We do not move dysfunctional officers from one account to another. You will not have to worry about getting officers that another company already rejected.

How we Audit Security


CRUZER SECURITY PVT LTD , helps our clients in achieving comprehensive and anticipatory security by understanding their entire operation, not just its individual parts. That objective is at the very core of our Risk & Loss Management practice. We seek to provide security audit services that are innovative, efficient and most importantly, responsive to our client's business needs. By understanding the client's expectation and providing value added security audit services, we also become a trusted security advisor to our client. Accordingly, we devote significant time towards planning, analyzing threats and security risks, supervising and reviewing the audit team's work & understanding the nature of Business Threat Risks : Assess Client security/loss Controls & identify Vulnerabilities Present comprehensive Recommendation for Residual Security RisksOur broad approach for achieving a corporation's objectives would be on the following pattern:- Understand operation, risks and loss history. Identification of vulnerabilities and weaknesses in existing security systems. Carry out threat assessment of internal and external environment at various sites. Critical appraisal of the current security policy, plan, procedures, programs and physical security measures being adopted to address the risks/threats. Determination of residual risks and making detailed recommendations to establish a level of security that plugs various loopholes in an effective, efficient and cost-effective manner.